Patrick Kettering, Jemima Fforbes-Smythe, Cristian Di Rienzo, Sir Kane, and some eidolon calling itself Construct somehow manage to lose three good soldiers while facing down two giant spiders with four hundred troops.

If only the dashing hero Lord Drane Haversham had been given some of those troops to repel the demonic armies to the south, surely he could have secured a better outcome!


Your men have been itching for a good fight, and finally a report comes in - giant spiders have been sighted heading for Harrington-on-Sea!

All of the local patrols rush to the scene - the New Terino Defence Patrol, the New Montforte Patrol, the Alexandria Patrol. Patrick Kettering and Jemima Fforbes-Smythe are looking particularly dashing and fetching, respectively, as they encourage the troops, scour the horizon for signs of the enemy, and stand forth with sword and pistol at the ready. Cristian Di Rienzo carefully maintains organisation and good order in the ranks, and Sir Kane looks impressively threatening; surely all enemies will quail in terror before the might of such fine examples of Flembic gentry.

Even the Gods themselves have seen fit to send aid to this occasion, in the form of the eidolon Construct. Over four hundred Flembic troops stand ready to repel the monstrous invaders.

Some time later, Expeditionary Force, Company E, Expeditionary Force, Company G and The Palladin's Nine report in; except The Palladin's Nine are now eight, and the other two companies are also missing a soldier apiece. Apparently they found the giant spiders - the two giant spiders - and engaged them, in case they were scouts themselves who would send word back to the enemy. They are carrying the two giant spider corpses for inspection.

No other giant spiders materialise, so the heroism of the Expeditionary Forces and The Palladin's Nine is toasted loudly - of course, inspired by the exceptional leadership of Kettering and Jemima and so on - and everyone disperses back to their regular patrols.


Mysterious Spectra, your giant spiders, don't come back. Rumour has it that the entire Flembic army massively embarrassed themselves while killing them, with three Flembics somehow managing to get themselves killed while dispatching the two giant spiders.


Unlike the beleaguered south of the Flembic colony, the steadfast defence of Patrick Kettering and Jemima Fforbes-Smythe (to say nothing of their compatriots Cristian Di Rienzo and Sir Kane, and the favour of the Gods represented by the eidolon Construct) continues to protect the citizenry of the Flembic colonial heartland from the depredations of native wildlife, demonic invasions, and all that nonsense they are suffering further inland. Despite the best efforts of terrible demonic native spider creatures, the various northern patrols stand firm and the Flembic populace, or at least those in the northern half of the colony, can sleep safe in their beds at night.