What's this, strung up in tatters on the branches of the Forest's Teeth? Two sailor wemics of the Free Islands, of all things! Not perhaps what you expected to catch, so far from the shore. And look here - a fragment of a Mameluk's robe.


Among the many and varied rumours filtering back from the south of the colony is the persistent tale of some questing wemics, of all the things. A motley band of Free Islands sailors, they say, and a silent, disciplined squad of Mameluks, strange companions to begin with, face many trials and snares, but are finally waylaid by the simple act of gathering firewood in the forest - now a deadly trap of vicious living thorns.


The long march of The Crew of the Crossed Keys and the 7th Squad Mameluks through the destruction that once was the southern half of the Flembic Colony is mostly uneventful, but someone has left a little surprise in the forests of the Plane of Shade.

The Crew of the Crossed Keys venture into the very edge of the woods to gather firewood, but as they pause to chop a larger fallen branch into sections, the forest itself sets upon them. Flailing vines covered in vicious thorns assault them from all sides, and however many they chop down with their axes, there are always more.

The 7th Squad hear their screams and cries for help, and manage to charge doggedly in and carry out most of the beleaguered wemics, but a quick count shows that two are still missing.

Some of the Crew of the Crossed Keys are determined to head back in and rescue what they can of their companions, but the Mameluks of the 7th Squad insist that no-one else should enter the forest, and they take the long way around the edge of the woods.