Your troops proudly report to you that they saw off a thief from a mana site close to the Amun-Sa border.

How close to the Amun-Sa border? Well, um, very close. It might even have been slightly over it... But they totally showed that stupid orange wemic where to go, didn't have any authorisation to be in the area, even if it was on the Amun-Sa side. Doing them a favour, really.

Orange, you say, wearily. Orange and black, perhaps? Angry? Carried a big mace?

Don't they all, sir? your troops reply.

It appears that your patrol has carefully chased off Marcus Al-Tora from a mana site in Ma'aktu, which he claimed belonged to his wife, and the area does appear to have quite a lot of features owned by her…


Throughout the markets and streets of Amun-Sa Over Ocean drifts the rumour - Marcus Al-Tora has been chased off from his own wife's mana site by the perfidious Rukh, possibly as a precursor to a full-scale invasion of Ma'aktu! Fifty of the brightly-coloured, untrustworthy birds descended on him whilst he was peacefully gathering the precious crystals that his wife once used to enchant the whole colony so that none would starve again. Rumour has it that he fought fiercely, but after losing an ear to their wicked scimitars he was forced to retreat!


The talk of the markets for weeks afterwards in Ma'aktu is the embarrassment dealt to the former governor of the colony, Marcus Al-Tora, by the undisciplined rabble of Rukh that have been lurking about the place ever since the unsuccessful invasion. Apparently he was going to harvest his wife's mana site, but was seen off by about fifty of the brightly-coloured troops; whilst his fearsome reputation in combat is well-deserved, fifty on one is bad odds for anyone...


,You open the mana geode growing at Ma'atku-Shai (ID: 222), a poor mana site, located at Ma'atku in the Amusar colony on the 17th April 1662. You find a a mana crystal (ID: 157664) inside with four charges. You find no broken geodes scattered through the area. If you were expecting to obtain more mana than you have found at this mana site, then please note that this change is a result of IC actions taken by characters at a previous event. It is not caused by an OOC change or error.