The forest rises up and comes to Rukh!

Tearing a swathe of destruction through the outlying areas, Yoyhen's Fury meets its match in Stormy Waters. Ihsan Altair's highly trained soldiers set up another of their classic ambushes, creating a devastating killing field with their longbows and pistols under the two windmills that the enemy force passes on the way to the temptingly fragile anise fields.

The fifty demons that the filthy walking tree Spirit has brought with it to savage the colony appear to mostly rely on being up close and personal to claw and batter the enemy to death, and whilst Allegiance Soldiers First Battalion do lead those without bows or pistols on a screening action to keep them off the anise plants, the demons are swiftly put down with not so much as a scratch on a single Rukhi soldier.

That's how to do battles with natives.


The forest rises up and comes to Rukh!

The trees themselves rise up out of the forest, an army of dryads intent on the devastation of all we have built in the fine colony of Rukh! But will canny Rukhi warriors be defeated by mere plant-life? Or will Ihsan Altair's veterans use their devastating skill to win the day once more?

Out at Stormy Waters, the entire army of dryads advances on a solitary, fragile anise field. Then the trap is sprung! Our fine pistoleers have secreted themselves in the outbuildings, and the unintelligent plants simply batter themselves uselessly against the walls as they are picked off one by one. Not a single feather is ruffled or a single anise seed trampled in the decisive victory!


The blood of the invaders has watered the land, and the gods of this land have responded; the fifty vengeful and tormented spirits entrusted to you long for battle. They tear up the hated cultivation at Rock Point, leaving it ready for nature to reclaim.

Then you move on to Stormy Waters, but the Rukh are waiting for you there.

As your forces head for the fields, you see nothing but the occasional cowering farmer. Then a barrage of arrows begins to whittle down your numbers, followed by a barrage of pistol fire as the vengeful spirits investigate the windmills that appear to be the source of the attack. You circle around to get a better picture of the distribution of Rukhi forces, and then you call a warning - there are burly, armoured, competent-looking Rukh boiling out of the back of the windmills with swords in hand and shields ready, organising an encircling manoeuvre to keep your forces away from the fragile anise plants growing just out of reach.

A quick count - there are at least as many of them as you started with, and you know that the vengeful and tormented spirits, while terrifying of form and powerful in numbers, are individually weak. And from the sheer density of arrows and pistol fire raining down on your army, at least as many again are packed inside the windmills, many of them quite good shots.

Unlike you, your forces are immortal, not living, and will be back soon if they are annihilated; whereas being chopped into kindling would be unfortunate for your future endeavours. So you melt away into the countryside, leaving your army to its fate.