After all the hard work of the battles with the Flembics, you are basking in the fruits of your endeavours, watching your giant snake monsters tear up the invader crops at Green Farm in the Plain of Shade.

Then you notice that one of them is missing.

Calling for it doesn't work; trying to get the Jaculi to hunt for it doesn't work. You are about to give up the search when there is a sharp stinging sensation all down your left leg. The thorn bushes at the edge of the forest have crept up through the grass and bitten you!

Backing off swiftly, you supervise the giant snake monsters closely to ensure that none of them decides to explore the woods, and indeed you lose no more.


The reports of giant snake monsters ripping up the farm at the Plain of Shade coincide very neatly with the large quantity of snakeskin scraps that your thorn bushes have managed to acquire. Apparently only one of the snake monsters went missing, though, despite the initial promise of the two shiny black ophidian scales that they have also gathered. That ophidian got away.