You can scarcely believe it. That lone ophidian is back, with her sole remaining giant snake companion, chasing the slaves off the fields in Whipton.

Time to go and teach her a lesson, then.

This time there is no preliminary stage with a morale-boosting inspirational speech; the arrows start coming as soon as you get near the farm. There is no big target to aim towards, the ophidian and her snake having made themselves scarce. You set the shield-bearing Second Division Standard Bearers at the front of the formation to take the brunt of the arrows, and everyone jogs determinedly towards the clump of bushes which are their obvious source.

Unfortunately, nobody pays much attention to another nearby patch of undergrowth, which suddenly disgorges the giant snake monster! It lashes out with shocking rapidity at one of the proud survivors of the Winter Guard; the Flembic soldier is dragged kicking and screaming into the weeds as Veritas wheels the 5th Alexandrian Medium Infantry around to engage the new threat. He beats the undergrowth down with his staff to reveal any further dangers as the 5th Alexandrian Medium Infantry slice the giant snake monster to ribbons. Veritas narrowly misses the young ophidian, who dives between the legs of the 5th Alexandrian Medium Infantry and comes up in a roll right in the midst of the Second Division Standard Bearers.

Lady Prudence Dance raises her pistol to fire at the newly presented target, right between the eyes.

Then the young ophidian calls upon the Earthquake, and there is a terrible shuddering in the earth, and it is like the entire world is falling for a couple of seconds; the pistoleers reel backwards, stunned by the force of Earthquake's response. It is long enough for the agile little ophidian to sprint out into the open fields and out of pistol range before they have recovered.

Meanwhile, arrow after arrow has plunged accurately out of the bushes ahead into the mokosh flag-carrier of the Second Division Standard Bearers, dropping him neatly out of the formation and practically destroying his ribcage. The rest of the Second Division Standard Bearers fire wildly into the bushes as they charge them with great fervour, determined to avenge their fallen mascot, but the grey wemic that was lurking in them has already broken out of cover. After a brief struggle with her bow she abandons it in the bushes and sprints out of their range.

Veritas watches her run into the distance. So, Rachida Kainda is working with the Hunahpa. That's interesting.


You hope that the patrol might be too busy licking its wounds to follow you on to Whipton; the slaves - human this time - scatter at your approach once more.

But as you begin to assess ACME Farm for valuables and flammability, you see the flag of the Second Division Standard Bearers arriving.

There is no Gargantua to hide behind this time; Udeyuli checks out her escape routes and picks a nice spot of undergrowth to set the giant snake monster in, and Rachida picks a nice tangle of bushes just beyond that area to draw them through the ambush.

No waiting for the lineup this time; no Jaculi to deposit an unpleasant surprise. Rachida begins firing on the marching formation as soon as she thinks she might even possibly be in range, although at such long distances many of her arrows barely reach their targets. Still, it causes some consternation and they rearrange their formation, putting the shield-using Second Division Standard Bearers out in front and redoubling their pace.

Excellent. Rachida refocusses her attempts on that mokosh flag-bearer. Even if you can't cause as much carnage as the last time they met, maybe she can symbolically pick him off before you are forced to flee.

As you had hoped, the front line marches double-time right past the undergrowth where Udeyuli and the snake are crouching silently. Seeing an unprotected leg, the giant snake monster lashes suddenly out of the bushes at one of the Winter Guard, dragging the unarmoured and already injured Flembic down into the weeds, where Udeyuli promptly, cheerfully and somewhat symbolically shoots him in the face.

Veritas wades into the undergrowth with the 5th Alexandrian Medium Infantry at his side, swinging wildly to drive the snake monster and the ophidian out into the open. Ducking past his blow, Udeyuli rolls under the legs of the 5th Alexandrian Medium Infantry and comes up amongst the surprised pistoleers of the Second Division Standard Bearers, and then she calls the Earthquake.

Whilst the troops are recovering from the sudden shock of the ground tremor, she sprints away across the open fields, abandoning the giant snake monster to its fate.

Meanwhile, Rachida finally gets a series of clear shots at that standard-bearing mokosh, and puts enough arrows into him that he definitely won't be getting up again. With the pistoleers getting uncomfortably close to her hiding place, she also decides to cut her losses and start running. But her precious recurve bow snags on a nearby branch.

The pistoleers keep coming, fast. They are enraged beyond reason by the loss of their mascot and their wild shots are already landing disturbingly near to her cover.

The bow is not worth her skin. She drops it, and she runs.

As she glances back, she can see Veritas gazing at her coolly while the pistoleers briefly run to intercept, then break off the pursuit.


Despite all the monsters they brought to Jamestown being slain, the Hunahpa continue to infiltrate giant snake monsters right into the heartlands of Flambard, terrifying the innocent workers and residents at Whipton. But Lord Drane Haversham's men bravely drive back the menace once more, amply demonstrating that Flambard can take care of its own where it counts! The victorious patrol slaughters the snake horrors and not a single resident is harmed.