Four 'Basilisk Devotees' show up in the Valley of the White Fox and start to wreck the place, purportedly in some kind of revenge for the desecration of Lamentation. Eventually the Evocati patrol from Draxholt shows up and gives them a good kicking, whereupon it turns out that the 'Basilisk Devotees' were in the employ of the demon Malevolence all along... and somehow the four of them manage to eviscerate one of the Evocati before perishing from their wounds.


A rather suspicious quartet arrives in your patrol radius from the coast. The two Kamakurans, one Fidelian and one Free Islander human all claim to be Basilisk devotees that have no quarrel with you directly, but wish to inspect the old sacred lands of the Basilisk around Lamentation. Their lies are quickly exposed when they start attempting to destroy and secure buildings in the area; your well-trained troops interrupt their disruptive activities and move swiftly to put them down.

These are no ordinary chancers, though. They fight viciously and selflessly, practically throwing themselves on your soldiers' swords just so that they can inflict the maximum amount of damage on your men, and as they die they spit defiance in their faces and tell your troops that their dread lord Malevolence will enslave them all, body and soul, before the end.

Slightly stunned and surprisingly bloodied, most of your Heavy Infantry pull through, but one of the Evocati 2nd Heavy Infantry has been hacked apart so thoroughly that there is nothing that can be done for them.


You dispatch the 'Basilisk Devotees', a handful of various human men at arms, to lay waste to Tarn's Bay and Valley of the White Fox.

Apparently the Evocati patrol out of Draxholt take an interest in their activities and put a stop to them, rather permanently.


Demon cultists are rife along the length and breadth of the Lands of the Enclave, burning and pillaging seemingly without restraint. Reports are that four lunatics even attacked the Evocati patrol, sacrificing one of the mokosh heavy infantry to their dark lord and master!