You send out your nest of stinger snakes along the Mayan coastline. While none of them make the return journey, the rumours you hear of the area contain quite satisfying quantities of snake-related panic and death. Apparently some kind of Freiboden patrol that was guarding the port at Kubla Msakaji responded to the civilian terror and a couple of them were daft enough to get stung before putting the nest down.


As if civil war were not bad enough, monsters are attempting to slaughter the innocent inhabitants of the Mayan colony! Hideous snake monsters are uncovered in the fields of Peridot, and only the brave intervention of Freiboden allies manages to put them down. Despite their timely intervention, tales of enormous scorpion stingers, helpless paralysed soldiers, and grotesque rotting injuries abound.


After all the excitement last season, it is peaceful and quiet at Kubla Msakaji itself. There are rumours of attacking forces, but none actually materialize at the port itself.

It would have been a lovely season if it wasn't for the snakes.

Not the standard-issue, man-sized walking snakes with crude spears or surprisingly deadly longbows. No, the usual kind of snakes. Well, almost. The usual kind of snakes you would get if you took a snake, gave it the ability to change colour so that it's bloody impossible to see, and stuck a scorpion's stinger on the end of it. Like all of the fauna of the New World, it seems, even the snakes here have made themselves more hideously deadly.

They probably weren't a threat to the port, but the runner from Peridot was very upset, and protecting the farmlands from disruption seemed like a worthy cause.

When the troops got there, of course, the first problem was to find the little slithery bastards. It turns out that these snakes are masters of camouflage, effortlessly changing their colour to match their surroundings. The First Pietkrieg Irregulars, with the great advantage of muskets, took up a position on top of the warehouse; while it wasn't entirely impossible that the damned things might climb the walls, it seemed unlikely. Saint Isabelle's Dragoons kept their spears at the ready, and stabbed many innocent patches of ground, small inoffensive creatures, and suspicious-looking shadows; this seemed to be an excellent strategy, keeping the snakes they found at a good distance.

The Second Pietkrieg Irregulars were not so fortunate. Determined to be in on the snake-squashing action after seeing what they had done to the poor slaves who were working the fields here, they headed out to act as beaters and spotters for the musketeers. There was quite some amount of swift interposing of shields between them and the lightning-fast stingers of the hidden snakes, as they chased the vicious creatures out into the open with admirable valour and tenacity.

Not all of them were sufficiently fast or fortunate, however. When the first was hit by a snake in the ankle, the second casualty caused herself to be thus by going over to see if he was all right. A third backed right into what looked like half the nest.

The snakes were not particularly strong, but their poison made up for it in spades. To start with, it instantly paralyzed the unlucky victim. The First Pietkrieg Irregulars joke that at least that meant they didn't jump around too much, leaving a nice clear shot on their aggressor. But once they had recovered from the paralysis, and by all accounts had only a nasty puncture wound, and the nest was neutralized and the troops returned to their stations... then the true colours of the poison started to show.

Slowly, agonizingly, to the great distress of their helpless comrades, the three members of the Second Pietkrieg Irregulars who had been stung by the snakes gradually rotted from the inside out. The First Pietkrieg Irregulars admit that they did not wait to the bitter end to see if their compatriots would make a recovery; when they begged for death, a merciful bullet from a respectful firing squad was duly provided.


A nest of hideous scorpion-snake monsters begins to attack slaves in the fields of Peridot! Fortunately, Bastian Kettle and Lothar Erhard have kindly donated troops to patrol the nearby port at Kubla Msakaji, and they swiftly arrive on the scene and put down the vicious creatures, despite the snakes' excellent camouflage - once again showing the great superiority of the musket in well-trained hands. However, the virulent poison of these creatures proves deadly to those who have been stung; they perish in great agony, their flesh rotting from the inside out.