A bunch of Marco's leavings, calling themselves Orichalcum Feres Revenge, attempt to secure the area around Sorrento, but Lam Trong Quan has plenty of troops in place to slaughter them all. Something of a Pyrrhic victory in the ruins, but a victory nevertheless.


Having thoroughly destroyed Sorentto last season, those returning to carry out Orichalcum Feres Revenge were not expecting much resistance. Indeed, it looked at first like they might just walk up unopposed. Then a couple of the Sorentto - Goremaws who were out scouting came running back over the ruins, calling for the Sorentto - Dragon Marines (5) Quintus to load the ballista. In hot pursuit, thirty other dracoscions pour over the rubble after the Goremaws. The ballista cuts down a considerable quantity of the front line, but the disciplined dracoscion troops just keep coming. The rest of the Goremaws and the Sorentto - Mayan Buglets fight hard to screen the Sorentto - Dragon Marines (5) Quintus as they pack up their ballista, but eventually they have to break off and run; the three members of Dragon Marines (5) Quintus who are not directly carrying their ballista away sell their lives dearly in the service of their betters.


The ruins of Sorentto are a miserable place, although the plentiful rubble makes for interesting exercises as the troops drill and prepare for their journey inland. Dracoscions and Free Islanders alike pick over the wreckage of their homes and workplaces, attempting to put their lives back together, or at least assemble some kind of shelter from the rain. Others dig in the ground for any remnant of supplies and food that they can bring home. Sharp-eyed avian children scour the devastated farmland for any new growth or neglected pocket of grain.

Coming quietly to meet them, Orichalcum Feres Revenge is no Cockatrice: Mask of Terror, the force that came through here last season. Dragontail's spot the red dracoscions of the detachment calling themselves the Goremaws scouting across the ruins for signs of life or resistance. The grief and barely suppressed anger that has been simmering in the troops since they saw the ruins of Sorentto boils over. Not waiting to signal to the other groups, Dragontail's give one communal, inarticulate cry of rage and descend upon the scouts in a frenzy of blows.

Fortunately, Squad 20 and Squad 21 are not far away, and come swiftly to investigate the awful racket. Once they see red scales, they also find new strength in their legs and a new urgency in their hearts; together, the thirty dracoscions practically fly over the ruins, their hatred of the enemy that could do this to their beautiful city spurring them on.

A quintet of terrified humans - the Dragon Marines (5) Quintus - desperately cling to a ballista, loading and firing as fast as their shaking limbs will allow them. Around them, perhaps to stop them running away, six Azarch warriors - the Mayan Buglets - stand ready with shields to receive the dracoscion charge. The ten red dracoscions with them fight with grim determination and the bitter knowledge that none of them will live if they do not either prevail or escape. It quickly becomes obvious that the second option is the only sensible move; as the humans gather up their ballista, the Azarch and the Dracoscions turn and run.

To give the humans their due, the three of them not carrying the ballista do stand and fight to the last man. It seems they were more afraid of the Azarch, or perhaps what Sulcofuron would do to them on their return, than the spears of your dracoscions.

The brief but savage battle leaves plenty of bodies. Five red dracoscions lie gutted on the ground, with two of their Azarch companions and the three humans; but five of your own dracoscions have joined them, spitted by the ballista's bolts and finished off by the red brood's spears.


The Red Brood, who didn't stick around long enough to secure the area after wrecking everything, sent a tiny force calling themselves Orichalcum Feres Revenge up to Sorrento to sort that detail out; ten dracoscions, five humans, and half a dozen bugs. Nobody was pleased to see them, and the troops that were drilling here gave them a good kicking, although unfortunately they still managed to make off with their siege engine - and about half their number still moving.