Please note that this downtime entry was created in error. It was caused by a bug and the dryad in question was actually nowhere near the mana site at the time. We apologize for this error.

Capitol Defense report the hopefully messy, splintery demise of the dryad who was attempting to harvest mana from Jeweled Cliffs. The reports are slightly conflicting, however, and you can't help but notice that they didn't manage to recover any of the equipment it was supposedly carrying. The tall, armoured creature did manage to survive several of their skillful barrages of arrows and pistol fire; the number of times it was re-sighted and pursued, it must have been incredibly tough.


The populace are disturbed at the rumour that dryads are once again attempting to infiltrate the Rukhi lands, possibly hoping that they would have been weakened by the blundering of the Amusar and his buddies last season. Capitol Defense are a very welcome sight wherever they go, hunting tirelessly through the hills to root out the dastardly dryads before they can grow any more of their evil tree friends.