Termite: Mask of the Community Builder marched out of the burning ruins of Agricola Matiyahu Acres at Matityahu (Grassy Glades), but they didn't get very far before Lam Trong Quan, Vadim Gan-Khal-Tas and Din Len Quan dropped on their heads out of the trees. In a spectacular ambush, the Lambent Guard were soon scattered decoratively across the trees of Pariba in several pieces each, never to make it to Padparadja and the Bounteous Crops there, which they no doubt meant to ruin as well.


Report of Termite: Mask of the Community Builder on Padparadja

On approach to Padparadja we were met by a large force of green dracoscions. That is, green in the colour, not in experience. Each of the dracoscions in the ambush we experienced had training with the spear they carried and the armour they wore, and whilst we did not test this greatly, they appeared to hold their shields confidently.

In the circumstances it was difficult to obtain a full count, but we believe there were eight in a larger unit, two of which fell to the spears of Lambent Guard (4) Quatrus, and four in the smaller unit, one of which fell to the various armaments of Lambent Guard (3) Tertius.

The veteran men at arms were accompanied by three notable figures. Lam Trong Quan appeared to be in charge, and pulled several of his people out of the fray for rudimentary medical attention. Vadim Gan-Khal-Tas, a blue dracoscion, was monitoring the engagement from the trees where the ambush had been concealed. Din Len Quan displayed exceptional enthusiasm with a sword in the thick of the fighting, but fortunately little actual skill.

However, the veteran green dracoscions, despite their small numbers, were sufficiently well-led and extremely well-trained. We had no option but to leave the field of battle in a precipitous fashion. I do not believe that anyone who did not do so managed to survive the engagement.

The five of us that remain - three from Lambent Guard (4) Quatrus, two from Lambent Guard (3) Tertius - will attempt to regroup here and find another route to Andularia.

We are Termite. We will follow our orders.
We will persevere. We will not fail you.


You have scarcely got your troops set up in Pariba, hoping the height of the trees might substitute as a vantage point in the absence of any fortifications or hills, when the smell of burning wafts through the forest air. Fortunately it is not a full-scale forest fire, but instead someone has burnt the Agricola Matityahu Acres at Matityahu (Grassy Glades), just before you got here.

It doesn't take long for them to show themselves. A score of red dracoscions, only half of them properly armed, marching in good but uninspired order. You watch with interest as they continue to march, without any real lookouts or scouting or direct leadership, right into the easiest ambush you have ever set up. It looks like they were trying to head for Padparadja.

Lam Trong Quan doesn't even have armour on, or a decent weapon, but still manages to hold his own in the thick of the fighting; Vadim sits in the trees and throws the occasional projectile whilst monitoring the area for other forces, just in case this is some kind of elaborate ruse. Din Len Quan gets stuck right in with his sword.

Your troops are definitely outnumbered, and the other dracoscions aren't completely useless with those spears. Despite 5th Talon supposedly being the 'medical' Talon, Lam Trong Quan's the closest you have to a surgeon, and whilst the Lambent Guard (3) Tertius and the Lambent Guard (4) Quatrus might be uninspired fighters, they are determined and methodical. But the outcome of the battle is never really in doubt.

At the end of the fight, there are a lot of dead Lambent Guard - maybe five of them got away, running full tilt through the trees. But there are also two dead of the 6th Talon, and one of the 5th.


Termite: Mask of the Community Builder almost made it through the forest into Padaparadja, but not quite. Lam Trong Quan, Vadim Gan-Khal-Tas and Din Len Quan had a small but perfectly formed fighting force waiting in the trees for them. Five Lambent Guard managed to get away, and they did some damage - three of Lam's dracoscion men at arms didn't make it either. But even with twenty dracoscions in Termite against fifteen including the commanders on the other side, they were never going to get through those woods.