When you attempt to raze Talismantic Barrier Cornerstone Beta at Constantine Flats in the lands of the Enclave, you find the eidolon Avalanche protecting the site. He seems unlikely to willingly stand aside, so you swiftly cut him down, before turning your attention to the massive stone monolith.

Talismantic Barrier Cornerstone Beta is a monumentally vast, featureless slab of greyish stone, towering over the flat plains, soaring into the clouds to the height of the interior mountains. It is rather more difficult to assault than your standard wooden building, and although it lacks the defensive reinforcement of a Fortress, the sheer mass of the construction is enough to give you pause.

However, the Evocati are strong and well-disciplined troops, and Florian Ipesch has a practiced eye for the lie of the land and the arrangement of soldiers. Carefully excavating one edge, working in shifts, and keeping the landing area well clear apart from those working on it, the Evocati gradually undermine the integrity of the structure. Pulling everyone back, Florian puts the last touches on the demolition from a safe distance with a few precise musket blasts.

With a terrible rending and grinding noise, like the screams of the very earth itself, cracks began to propagate through the great structure. Slowly, painfully, it falls and shatters with a final CRACK on the unforgiving ground: leaving only a new great hill of grey dust, which the wind is already beginning to scatter.


Florian Ipesch leads Draxholt Defence Force, over a hundred Evocati soldiers loyal to Illyes, into Constantine Flats. He has come to destroy Talismantic Barrier Cornerstone Beta. The eidolon posted there to stand guard over the mountainous construction, Avalanche, makes some attempt to protest Florian's actions, and is swiftly cut down and dispatched back to the Maelstrom.


Calmly, you watch the Draxholt Defence Force march into Constantine Flats. Presumably, Illyes has sent the soldiers to defend the important Talismantic Cornerstone, which towers massively above the plains, a monumentally vast, featureless slab of greyish stone, soaring into the clouds to the height of the interior mountains.

The Draxholt Defence Force are mostly Lyzar mokosh, about eighty of them, with about forty human Free Islanders and a handful of Fidelians. Mostly they are armed with swords and wooden shields; about half the Free Islanders have spears and the others appear to be new recruits, with Fidelian sergeants probably absorbed from some other unit. Only thirty of them have any kind of armour, and only five of the mokosh are heavily armoured; and all but ten of those who are wearing armour do not seem entirely comfortable with it.

Florian Ipesch is leading them. As he approaches, you can see him considering the situation, looking at your position, your current form, the way you are holding yourself.

Then he draws his spatha and in one smooth motion he has cut you down, leaving you helpless on the ground.

He turns back to his troops, begins to give out orders. It is hard to tell through the pain what he is saying, as you fade from the world, but the Evocati appear to be putting away their swords and handing out picks...