./~ Come my boys, come one, come all
Come gather, near and far
Raise your song to the heavens, raw
To the sun, the moon and stars ~\.

The myrmidons just don't give up, do they?

Another eighty Azarch warriors, in Prosperity's Offspring's colours, emerge from the south. This time, the patrol isn't letting them get as far as disturbing the drilling troops at Florentina; The Kings Own Pipers round everyone up and march out in good time to meet them at the very southern edge of the patrol's range.

./~ For there are many ways to die, my boys
Through heartache and regret
For far away from the parlour stays
We share our loved ones' debt ~\.

2nd Colonial Greens (Colonial Army) still seem to feel like they have something to prove, as they weren't at the Gubenatorial Estates during the heaviest attack. They lead the charge, and take the brunt of the casualties.

Fortunately, these myrmidons haven't brought anything exciting with them; some of them are more animalistic than others, but if anything those ones go down even quicker than the usual warriors, due to their lack of communication with the rest of the force.

Eighty myrmidons for three of the 2nd Colonial Greens (Colonial Army), two of Pipers - Flambardi Personal Guard, and one apiece of the The Kings Own Pipers, the 1st Terino Blues and the Flembic Rangers; no-one is going to quite say that it's a fair trade, not for Flembic lives, but the remaining soldiers are satisfied with a job well done.


In the last days of the season, the horrors of the South attempt another incursion into the Flembic heartland.

But the New Terino Patrol, under the veteran leadership of Virgil Apuleius and Cristian Di Rienzo, march out once more; torn, bloodied and exhausted, but still full of Flembic fighting spirit, they put down the myrmidon horrors with practiced aim and continued vigour.


Report of First Circle D move within PO, re: Ambush and Repulsion in Force en route to Florentina, Colony of New Terino

Arrived in Colony of New Terino without further incident. Just after leaving heavily tainted area of hills into refreshingly non-tainted plains area, large Flembic force observed marching openly across plains to our location. Forward scouts estimated Flembic numbers as approximately one hundred twenty, wide range of weaponry and apparent ability, many single survivors of units still proudly displaying unit colours.

Some caution was indicated: we were outnumbered and strength of high end Flembic troops manifestly greater than strength of any warrior present. Reluctance to return to area of necromantic taint and determination to carry out orders and end season in Florentina influenced decision to stand and fight.

Presence of musketeers, bowmen and crossbowmen indicated a fast-moving tactic, but even closing at best possible speed after the long march, numbers were much depleted by musket fire and other ranged weaponry before enemy engaged in melee. Skill of enemy very mixed, but some individuals particularly excellent; rapidly determined that we'd no hope of victory.

Fortunately Flembic had little interest in chasing us once Florentina area vacated, making retreat reasonably successful.

Current numbers:
Drone Force 001, eight drones remaining
Warrior Unit 023, seventeen warriors remaning
Warrior Unit 003 - Bird Handlers, two warriors remaining
Warrior Unit 005 - Snake Handlers, two warriors remaining
Warrior Unit 010, three warriors remaining

Awaiting further orders. Future accidents of this type could be avoided by better scouting, and arranging for rendezvous with other units before engaging such a sizable patrol. Despite similar numbers, we should have accounted for superior equipment and training of the enemy. We killed maybe half a dozen, which is not an acceptable ratio by any means. We should not have engaged.