The south continues to disgorge horrors. In peaceful Florentina, both Flembic and Freiboden soldiers drill in the beautiful riverside glades - until a detachment of giant myrmidons, easily twice the size of a man, ambushes them! Only the courage and daring of the New Terino & Ranger Scouts patrol, led by Cristian Di Rienzo and Virgil Apuleius, in sallying out of the walls and rescuing the luckless Freibodeners and their fearless Flembic companions saves the day. Naturally, the Saren Second Infantry Volunteers are ungrateful for Flambard's timely assistance and can only criticise the speed of their response; typical Freibodeners!


Report of Colony Area move in PO, re: Ambush and Repulsion in Force from Florentina, Colony of New Terino

Arrived in Colony of New Terino without further incident. Arca Sakshira area entirely clear. Proceeded north-north-west through slightly tainted area to gently wooded Florentina. Deployed forward scouts as per normal operating procedures; several enemy units were found, taking advantage of pleasant surroundings to engage in training activities.

Despite earlier losses, at this point it appeared our force just about outnumbered those forces present in the area - nineteen Flembics organised into NTCW 1st Squad "The Commander's Own" attempting to learn the proper use of armour and NTCW 2nd Squad "The Governor's Men" target-shooting with pistols, nineteen Freibodeners of the Saren Second Infantry Volunteers performing basic fitness drills.

Pistoleers would ordinarily call for some caution, but observation of their practice suggested they had not been in possession of the weapons for sufficient time to develop good aim. Therefore, standard attack formation deployed, with Praying Termites front and centre. First target: the Saren Second Infantry Volunteers, as they appeared to be less well-trained and certainly less well-equipped, and we believed it possible that the tribes would not fight together.

Some delay was indeed experienced by the NTCW soldiers in responding to our assault, although eventually they decided to intervene. Unfortunately, we had not factored in the possibility of heavy reinforcements. Whilst standard attack formation made suitable progress through the troops confirmed present, a considerable patrolling force operating out of a palisade and watchtower just north in Asilio Bussola came swiftly onto the scene.

It was at that point that I personally left the scene; I apologise for not rescuing the Praying Termites, but they were fully engaged and would have been difficult to disentangle from the ongoing battle. As I was leaving, they began to be caught in musket and bow fire from the incoming Flembic reinforcements; it is unlikely that either survived.

Much of the force has regrouped some distance away; our current numbers are:
Warrior Unit 030, one remaining (myself)
Warrior Unit 028, two remaining
Warrior Unit 029, two remaining

We await further orders. It is possible that future accidents of this type can be avoided by better scouting, but it is extremely difficult to anticipate force numbers when they are contained several miles out from the initial engagement inside a palisade with a sheltered watchtower for vigilance.

In any case, we had already put every single member of the Saren Second Infantry Volunteers on the ground and were making excellent progress at executions, and the last warrior (from Warrior Unit 029) to leave the scene successfully reports at least half a dozen additional casualties from the Flembic, both from the training units and the large patrol that joined them; a defeat, certainly, but not an entirely futile one.


./~ Come my boys, face the setting sun
And do what you have to do
Let your grief let loose on the scarlet sky
And swear the oaths that you hold are true ~/.

From VdL Overwatch at the Asilio Bussola, you see the beginnings of another battle.

It is so tempting to stay behind the walls. Enough of your people have been lost at New Terino (Gubernatorial Estates), and there were walls there; you can catch them against the Asilio palisade once they have finished whoever they are fighting.

But out there, you can see Lady Georgiana Darcy's soldiers, fighting with whatever they have to hand; and Lothar Erhardt's Saren Second Infantry Volunteers with them. And there are only fifty or so myrmidons, in the livery of Prosperity's Offspring, and no cohort of monsters - although two of the myrmidons are very tall indeed, their bare chitin turning the blades of their enemies.

It is the Order of the Steel Rose, all three of its remaining members, that leads the charge again; once they determinedly set out across the fields, there is nothing the others can do but follow them. Alexandria is too far to fetch the ballista from, but under Virgil's cautious direction, Farnsworth's Pioneers and Virtue's Shadow take down the ten-foot high myrmidon-like creatures before the rest of the patrol even engage with the remnant of the enemy.

./~ For there are many ways to die, my boys
Through scandal and betrayal
For the wagging tongues of the city wits
Share not the warrior’s tales ~/.

Saren Second Infantry Volunteers are angry. Over half their number - ten good men and women - lie dead on the fields of Flambard. They accuse everyone. Lady Darcy's troops, nursing four of their own casualties, they accuse of dancing around the edge of the battle, of not knowing how to use their weapons. The Order of the Steel Rose, who have lost another member, of being too late. 2nd Colonial Greens (Colonial Army), who have lost two of their members, of being mismatched; and they imply that the only competent soldier in the unit is the funnyhead...

NTCW 1st Squad "The Commander's Own" and NTCW 2nd Squad "The Governor's Men" are in no mood to take such insolence from some untrained Frieboden recruits. It is only Cristian's quick diplomacy, backed up with the authority of the angel Construct, that keeps them from demonstrating just how good they are with each other's weapons - the ones they were already competent with rather the ones with which they were caught training.

The forty-five dead myrmidons and two dead giant myrmidons are not enough solace for the bitter taste that is left between those who fought shoulder to shoulder against them; Saren Second Infantry Volunteers make one last comment about how Flambard are always late to the battle, and return to their sparring, pointedly separate from the NTCW squads.


Fifty myrmidons - two considerably taller than the rest, at around twelve feet in height - spring out of the sparse woodland in Florentina and ambush Lothar Erhardt's Saren Second Infantry Volunteers, who are drilling in the area. They are swiftly reinforced by Lady Georgiana Darcy's NTCW 1st Squad "The Commander's Own" and NTCW 2nd Squad "The Governor's Men", who are also training, but the battle is very closely fought until the New Terino & Ranger Scouts patrol arrives from the Asilio and sees off the enemy.

Saren Second Infantry Volunteers are rather unhappy about their significant losses, over half the unit methodically ripped apart before the reinforcements could arrive, and are heard to mention that Flambard are always late to their battles when their allies are in danger. Fortunately, Cristian Di Rienzo and Virgil Apuleius, given greater authority by the presence of the angel Construct, are there to calm the troops and prevent a second fight from breaking out over the insult given; after all, the Flembic have also lost several good soldiers in putting down the myrmidon incursion.