The Danse Macabre, the two-hundred-strong undead army raised by Malevolence which has been hanging around in the area like a terrible smell for some time now, dances right into Feldspar, eyes on the prize: the Feldspar Focus, the major ritual site that these Litterbugs were sitting on. They get filled with crosssbow bolts for their troubles, but they just keep on coming and eventually the Litterbugs are forced to retreat, abandoning Feldspar to the undead.


The 1st Ministry of Defense would like to tender our resignation.

Whilst we will continue to fight should you insist, a large number of undead walking corpse abominations under the control of the demon Malevolence have taken up residence in Feldspar, and despite our best efforts it was obvious we were incapable of stopping them. Two hundred and thirteen individuals were identified, of which we destroyed forty-eight, including ten of the distinctly more sentient Decrypted Paladins who appeared to be herding the others.

We have also misplaced Carlo's Ruby, and we fear the worst. Especially as the target of the attack appears to be the Feldspar Focus - the major ritual site.

Nineteen of us remain, although we have successfully retrieved all equipment, which the enemy did not seem to have any interest in collecting. We apologise wholeheartedly for our failure, but believe that we could not have done otherwise. Given the situation presented, to continue to the last warrior would have been an unnecessary waste of resources.

We hope that you will find this remnant of some use in the future.


The Danse Macabre danced right into Feldspar, eyes on the prize: the Feldspar Focus, the major ritual site that these Litterbugs were sitting on.

Sure, there were fifty kitted-up Azarch warriors waiting for them, shooting their crossbows in nice ordered ranks, falling back, playing hide and seek through the hive; but you know the one about shooting a zombie with a little bit of metal on a stick? Yeah, it didn't end real good for the 1st Ministry of Defense, or whatever Edmund De Salle had got them calling themselves, either.

Maybe you thought the bugs were running themselves? Turns out that Mill'en and Flambard are all over this one too. There's one little facet running around, Carlo's Ruby, really aggravating with a musket; we'd have got it in a box for you, but one of the Decrypted Paladins nicked off with it. A whole bunch of them are missing, actually; maybe the bugs had better firepower than we thought... or maybe this whole magic-going-away thing is making them reconsider a post-life career involving getting shot repeatedly.

Anyway, plenty of us left to secure the Focus once we'd chased the bugs off, probably killed over half of them. They left a whole bunch of walking corpse abominations on the floor - ten of the Cavorting Corpses, three of the Cadaverous Clowns, five of the Mutilated Musicians, one of the Loathsome Ladies, three Necrotic Noblemen, six Gangrenous Gentlemen, four Rotting Revelers, five Putrefyed partygoers, and one Decaying Dancer who ain't gonna be dancing again.

And there's ten of us Decrypted Paladins gone missing, or maybe proper dead this time; just four of the Flembic and four of the Kammies left.


No longer content with wandering the South giving the occasional patrol a scare, The Danse Macabre - over two hundred undead walking corpse abominations - dances into the Litterbug lands at last, scattering all opposition. The Litterbugs put up some token resistance, but they have no force capable of holding out against quite so many of the undead.

Rumour has it that the Litterbugs have been hiding a major ritual site under their nice, ordered, bejewelled hive structures, and Malevolence wants a major ritual site really badly right now; they say that the minor and moderate ritual sites are all gone, and only the major ones are strong enough to remain…