Things you were not expecting to find in San Angelo: Eighty myrmidon warriors, in the livery of Prosperity's Offspring - the auction house, of all things! - attempting to lay claim to the area...

With only three soldiers - good soldiers, but three against eighty are not the best odds - and very little cover, the situation is not exactly the best. Nevertheless, it feels wrong to just leave the area to them, so you skulk around the edges - near the river - and take the occasional shot at them when you think they're not paying enough attention.

This turns out to be significantly more effective than you might have expected; with your exceptional ability to use the lay of the land against them, and the range of your musket, you actually manage to take down about a dozen of them before they finally manage to chase you down.

You lead a fighting retreat back to the river, but there The Governor's Guard (Colonial Army) insist that you make good your escape down the river on your coracle, and turn back to sell themselves dearly, covering your retreat.


Report of Second Leukos Force, re: Persistent Musketeer in San Angelo, Colony of New Terino

Whilst attempting to secure San Angelo, we were engaged by a sniper; they appeared to be working alone and were extremely good at stealth and covering their tracks - especially impressive in the almost entirely featureless plains of the area! Despite our best efforts, they did considerable damage to our force:

One dead from: Warrior Unit 019, Warrior Unit 018, Warrior Unit 012, Warrior Unit 015, Warrior Unit 014
Three dead from: Warrior Unit 013
Four dead from: Warrior Unit 016

Eventually we managed to encircle them and force them to show themselves, along with what appeared to be a small bodyguard unit of three well-trained, armoured Flembic axe-and-shield warriors. The sniper turned out to be Charlotte Farnsworth, who I believe is well-known in the Flembic colony. We pressed them back to the river, but Charlotte managed to escape with the use of a coracle whilst the bodyguard were eradicated.


San Angelo, too, falls to the chaos lapping gently against the colonial borders from the fallen South.

Charlotte Farnsworth herself is there, leading its defence with barely a handful of good Flembic men against hundreds upon hundreds of deadly myrmidon warriors. She gives an excellent showing, naturally, but eventually even her cunning and prowess is no match for raw numbers. Some say that she fought bravely to the last; others, that she was seen heading off down the river in a native coracle.