Attackers Report:

Isn't that sweet, Ixia? The Flembic left out some snacks for us!

Some fine gentleman called Thomas Henry Fitzchapel had left some of his men carelessly lying around in Sin Remordimiento. They called themselves Fitzchapel's 4th, 5th and 7th, and they did wave their pointy sticks around very earnestly.

The three Malathians that were part of Fitzchapel's 4th were actually pretty crunchy; unlike the other Flembic, someone had actually thought to give the 4th armour and shields, although only the Malathians seemed to know what to do with them.

Five of the Raid Hive Reapers and two of the Queens Guard got a bit careless, alas, and we won't be seeing them again.

But there were still plenty of us left to burn the place down when we'd chased all the Fitzchapel gentlemen and ladies off, and we slaughtered eighteen of them in the process.

Defenders Report:

Fitzchapel's 4th here, sir.

I'm afraid we're reporting the loss of Sin Remordimiento and most of the 5th and 7th, sir. Twenty-five bugs, half with axes and shields, showed up and started trying to burn the place; we gave them what for, but they did it back harder.

Our last remaining Malathian auxiliary would like to officially request that you give him a bloody pistol next time, sir. Preferably two or three.

We think we got about seven of them, but it's hard to count when you're performing a tactical retreat, sir.

There's none left of the 7th, one of the 5th, and just me and him and the Malathian out of us lot. If we could, sir, I'm afraid we would be going home. Otherwise, the Confederacy are looking quite tempting these days, sir...

Local Report:

The brave men of Fitzchapel's 4th, 5th and 7th attempt to see off the bugs at Sin Remordimiento, but there are twenty-five myrmidon warriors with shields and axes, and twenty-two under-equipped and ill-trained Flembics and auxiliaries.

Three of Fitzchapel's 4th and one of the 5th see which way the wind is blowing and hightail it out of the city, leaving the others to their fate.

Colony Report:

The brave men of Fitzchapel's 4th, 5th and 7th attempt to see off the bugs at Sin Remordimiento, but they should have heeded Patrick Kettering's warning; there are endless waves of myrmidon warriors pitted against them, and eventually they are defeated to a man.