Attackers Report:

Scognac, the Repair Worker for Deficient Territorial Markers s13, does not report back from Unicorns Rest.

Local News:

A lone Tenizidi drone, labelled 'Scognac' on the front and 'Repair Worker for Deficient Territorial Markers s13' on the back, begins to set up the traditional warning signs of entering Tenizidi territory - specifically, the territory of the Twilight Embassy - in Unicorns Rest.

Unfortunately for Scognac, there is a large herd of lizard monsters grazing peacefully on the plains here, and they consume him as a delicious snack.

Colony News:

Throughout the abandoned Flembic lands near the traditional tribal range of the Teca, Tenizidi drones are busy setting up territorial markers. One of them is unlucky enough to get consumed by a large herd of giant lizard monsters.