Attackers Report:

The 1st White Wolf Infantry Squad I and II report that they are heading through Blackwood Pass, and then you hear nothing further from them. There is a rumour that Patrick Kettering himself confronted and defeated them single-handedly.

Defenders Report:

As you head through Blackwood Pass, you notice the last member of the Chevalier's Men is still out here, protecting the area. You attempt to persuade her to help evacuate the area and come back with you to the central New Terino patrol, but while you are still talking, thirteen armoured Fidelians with steel shields and battle axes march into the area!

You demand that they identify themselves and explain what they are doing, but tjhey decline; soon you are desperately fending off their attack, the last of the Chevalier's Men fighting at your side with sword and pistol.

In the end you have to examine the dead bodies of your assailants to discover what is going on, which gives their affiliation: apparently these were the 1st White Wolf Infantry Squad I and II, answering to Matthias Galeblood, with orders to secure various strategic buildings around the colony as it descended into chaos.

Alas, the last of the Chevalier's Men is fatally wounded in the fighting, and you see to her funeral and burial before continuing.

Local News:

The 1st White Wolf Infantry Squad I and II skulk through the colony, taking strategic buildings in the chaos; but at Blackwood Pass they meet Patrick Kettering himself, as he is attempting to persuade the last member of the Chevalier's Men to abandon their lonely vigil and return to the central patrol with him.

He demands to know what the Fidelians are doing here, and they take exception to his tone; unfortunately for them, despite their skill with their battle axes, they are outclassed by Kettering fighting back to back with the last of the Chevalier's Men.

She is sorely wounded in the battle, however, and does not survive the night.

Colony News:

Governor Patrick Kettering gets into a spot of bother at Blackwood Pass. He finds a dozen Fidelians of the White Wolves skulking around the colony, securing strategic buildings for themselves in the chaos. With his trusty pair of swords, he puts paid to that nonsense; no White Wolves will trouble the good citizens of Flambard again!