Attackers Report

From the diary of GHG 1st Brigade "The Desert Cats", a Tritoni hunter loyal to Goodnoose Badnoose:

The burning of New Terino was excellent... but after that, it all started going to shit.

Some poncy Flembic called Lord Drane Haversham marched a whole load of Flembic soldiers up from Kettering, where they'd been defending their crazy experimental research station or something. We were kind of hoping that they would fight the Hunapha when they tried to take it over, but it looks like they just left them to it, and came up here to bother us instead.

So we're all over in Bellamorto Estate, having burnt pretty much everything in New Terino except for that big flashy house that Jeshur wants for himself, when Thaddeus says there are a pile of Flembic heading our way. They've got some serious heavy hitters with them, the Huntress church mostly, Lady Isabella Lefevre and Ilario and Havelock Fredrickson, and a couple of angels and a load of Merisusi mokosh, so we take a look around and figure that Jeshur's expendable Colonial Unit can finish burning everything here, and we all sneak out the back.

Predictably, the Flembic completely trash the Colonial Unit, and they even get one of the Azarch warriors who left it a bit late to get out of the way. Still, apparently we got about thirty of them, confirmed dead, so it's not that bad. Not that that stops us mocking Thaddeus mercilessly for losing all his Colonials, of course, given he's still a stinky human.

Meanwhile, Chalcanthite is off poncing around with the Tenizidi, who are insisting on putting proper boundary markers up all over Serpentera, even though that's not really how Jeshur usually does things. I head over to watch, and maybe shoot a few Flembics, but the actual Tenizidi get out of there pretty sharpish because there's some golden dracoscion dude, Arata Michi, with a ballista that'll go right through those flimsy carapaces. The avenging eidolons have some fun, though; Arata looks pretty irritated when he figures out they're not really Tenizidi, bless him.

So him and this priest dude - Henry of the Ordo Dictum Dominus - go charging off after Chalcanthite, who's a better swordsman than both of them put together, but eventually Henry gathers a bunch of the Flembic troops up - including some Amusar wemics, so there are at least a few competent ones - and she forgets the first rule of sword fighting (that is, tie your sword to your arm, because you know that eventually some bastard will disarm you) and has to leg it.

I'm just getting back to Goodnoose Badnoose and the guys to give them the news - it's not all bad, the eidolons have chopped up a whole bunch of the uppity Flembic lot, probably at least twenty won't make it, and they smashed seven of the creepy soldier-golems they had with them too - when I spot a serious fuckload of Terino Marines and their Expeditionary Forces advancing on his location. So like hell am I getting anywhere near that - but I head back out and tap a bunch of the eidolons that were nearby posing as proper Azure Collective types, and point them at that Lysette Cooper woman who seems to be in charge of the troops.

Goodnoose Badnoose and his guys are getting totally murdered - there's only twenty-two of them and they're surrounded by over a hundred Flembics, a good officer with every unit, the Terino Marines' finest. Even worse, they've got their priest, Richard Willoughby, going round ripping out the souls of every Azure bug that gets downed - so much for their harping on about how 'sacrificing people is bad', huh?

Well, the eidolons go in, and Goodnoose takes the opportunity to scarper like a good'un. Lysette's surrounded herself by some desperately untrained Kamakuran humans; they're lovably suicidal, the poor under-equipped bastards, and they get torn to bits in droves. It looks like the eidolons might get her for a moment, but she's just this kind of whirling shape of rapier-based death in the midst of the carnage and none of them can get closed.

Eventually some of her mates cotton on and run over with the companies of shit Free Islands troops they've been entrusted with; Blanche Godfrey gets a bunch of good wemics killed, and Willoughby Harker wastes a few more humans, before he finally has a thought enter his tiny mind and calls out something that makes the eidolons glow gently. Not that that makes much difference when their claws are in your spleen, Harker boy!

Then Henry sweeps in with the remnant of Hartnell's troops that were playing with the fake Tenizidi, demanding some of the Terino Marines' surgeons as it appears that group were too stupid to have brought their own.

There are dozens of bleeding humans on the ground here, but Henry manages to drag Markus Richmond and Arthur Jenkins away anyway, leaving twenty-one Kamkaurans, one Freibodener, five human, five wemic and a mokosh Free Islander, and eighteen Flembic soldiers to bleed out on the ground here before anyone can get to them, despite it seeming that every member of the Terino Marines feels qualified to hack off limbs and call it saving lives.

Then I hear a musket shot and head off to investigate that, but it seems like the Flembics have just shot that dracoscion Arata for no apparent reason; I follow him for a bit, but he doesn't seem to be bleeding and I'm not getting near him and that tachi he's got, just in case he suddenly learns how to use it.

The veteran Tenizidi have been staying back with the centipedes and so forth, waiting for the forces at the Asilio to get good and split up; while the fighting rages, they've got themselves up to the wall and are taking pot-shots at some Flembic gent who has opened the gates and appears to be attempting to invite them in. It's like Lord Drane Haversham knows that there are slaughter birds and centipedes and has learned not to trust his walls, but the Tenizidi are too smart to accept his invitation - there are probably troops holed up inside, ready to get the drop on them. Instead they wait patiently for the centipedes to finish their tunnels so they can bypass the destroyed walls and take the paths of their choosing.

I'm trying to get a better look at the other side of the palisade, in case the Flembic are doing something smart, when the ground falls in beneath me. Have the Tenizidi dug their capture pits already, I wonder? No, it's just the death throes of one of their centipedes. This discovery does not comfort me very much as I struggle to dig my way out, and somewhere in the darkness I lose my pack with the spare bow and the other suit of armour.

So it looks like the Flembic got at least two of the centipedes, and the other one has run off; and the weirdest thing is, one of the centipede corpses has a coracle jammed over its stinger. A coracle! What will they think of next?

Anyway, then it all goes quiet for a while, and that's when I reported in and started writing this. The Azure Expeditionary Force are all dead, Jeshur's Colonial Unit 003 are all dead, and we lost two centipedes and a ton of avenging eidolons - but the latter should be back soon, I guess. And no-one really fancies going back to Bellamorto Estates and having a look around, or anywhere in the vicinity of the Asilio, until more reinforcements show up.

Defenders Report

By the time Cristian di Rienzo makes it to the Asilio Bussola, the Merisusi have already informed the assembled that New Terino - the Gubernatorial Estates, the crown jewel of the colony - is burning.

The Asilio Guards provide him with a new uniform, as he appears to have unaccountably lost the clothes that he set out in, along with all of his equipment.

Charlotte Farnsworth explains the new plan of action, calmly, but firmly. No-one is to go haring off on their own to dredge through the ruins of New Terino. The patrols will be based out of the Asilio Bussola, as usual. There is no need to panic. There are very competent house guards who will keep the Asilio safe. Meanwhile...

Already, there is dissent. Lady Isabella De Lefevre and Ilario contest that if there is any chance that some civilians did not make it out of New Terino - they've heard from the Merisusi of Smiths Fist that Millington sent over, how they organised an evacuation, but it doesn't sound like it was very thorough - then obviously it is imperative to go there right away and deal with the native incursion, now that Flambard has assembled the force to do so! Cristian di Rienzo appears to have some sympathy for this position too - perhaps wanting a rematch against the native that humiliated him - and those that remain of Captain Millington's men are happy to follow him.

Eventually, Isabella, Ilario, Havelock Fredrickson and Cristian di Rienzo sweep out of the planning meeting, followed shortly by the eidolons Svava and Progress. They pick up the soldiers that belong to Patrick Kettering and Lance Caldborn, neither of which are there to gainsay them, and head out in the direction of New Terino with fiery determination.

Charlotte Farnsworth smiles quietly to herself - that's the first division suitably motivated and sent out according to plan, then.

A little more 'accidental' dwelling on the terrible disorder that must even now be sweeping across the last bastion of civilisation in this area leads to Arata Michi and Henry looking at one another and quietly leaving the meeting, picking up Lord Simon Hartnell's troops and the more adventurous of Caterina Flambardi's contingent.

Those that are left are primarily the Terino Marines, some of whom are looking somewhat edgy, but who have the discipline to actually stay and take orders. To these, Charlotte explains that the forces which have just gone out following Lady Isabella and following Henry will likely draw out and engage the obvious concentrations of native forces, allowing the Terino Marines greater freedom of movement to seek out and hunt down those who might be keeping a lower profile. She takes Tanner Hardin aside and gives him a few specific pointers on how to draw out any native infestations that might currently be hiding and awaiting their moment, and then sends the Marines out - with Lysette Cooper's Expeditionary Forces and the Terino Blues, of course.

Lord Drane and Charlotte remain at the Asilio and await news of the various expeditions, keeping the Asilio Scouts, Asilio Guards, Asilio Houseguard, Headquarters section, Colonial scouts, Second Division Standard Bearers and 4th Alexandrian Medium Infantry close to home - ready to travel swiftly out and relieve any of the divisions that find themselves in too deep.

Marching out into Bellamorto Estate, Lady Isabella's people do not need to get as far as New Terino to find trouble. Thaddeus Wolfe is watching them from the palisade and ditch around the edge of the settlement, and smoke rises from the interior.

They have no siege weaponary with them, but it's only a palisade and it has already been damaged where Prosperity's Offspring have forced their way in. The Merisusi mokosh of Smiths Fist and Smiths Anvil size up the wall, and practice arranging themselves into a living siege tower; the Flembic recruits that Kettering has put together should be able to easily climb over the burly mokosh and into the city.

It appears their enemy have not come equipped for fighting over a palisade either; there is a small line of eight Azarch warriors with a pile of rocks, and Thaddeus with a telescope and a handful of mana. Havelock watches him as the charge progresses, and as he starts to cast something at the leading mokosh, he raises his musket and takes a shot. It barely clips the sorcerer, apparently bouncing straight off his skin, and he seems neither surprised or distracted; the mokosh is blasted to the ground by sorcerous energy and the momentum of his fellows carry them on right over him as he attempts to scramble desperately from their path.

Ilario, meanwhile, has taken the remains of Millington's Free Islanders - one crossbowman, one thug, and two dracoscions - and the six Flembic soldiers of the 1st West Colonial Platoon, and the eidolon Progress, and headed around the other side of the palisade to cut off the likely routes of retreat. Sure enough, they encounter a dozen rough-looking, lightly armoured Flembics with soot on their faces, some still holding burning torches along with their wooden shields, attempting to make it out of the back of the palisade. They all wear the sash of Prosperity's Offspring and their first reaction is to form up and close ranks.

The escapees fight like cornered rats, and two of them turn out to be carrying decent swords; every man in the poorly-trained 1st West Colonial Platoon is on the floor before Ilario manages to fight over in that direction and cut the two good swordsmen down. Wasting no time, Progress and the Free Islanders grab a man each and begin to carry them back to the main force, knowing that Isabella can save at least a few; Ilario picks up the last, reluctant to abandon the rearguard position but also not wanting any more deaths on his conscience.

Lady Isabella marches up within pistol range and takes out an Azarch warrior as the mokosh form up into their siege pyramid, causing the other rock-throwers to duck and scatter; then she turns to attempt shooting Thaddeus again, but he has also disappeared. The Field Marshall's own and the remnant of the 2nd and 3rd Colonial Platoons climb determinedly over the furry tower, led by Havelock Fredrickson; the Azarch who were standing at the walls are fleeing into the city and sending out soot-stained but armoured inhabitants, issued with shields that about half appear competent with, to face them.

The enemy ranges from 'desperate' to 'fanatical'; most of them are Flembic, or were once Flembic, but all of them fight. One even attempts to convince the members of The Field Marshalls' own that he is fighting to join them, explaining - as he ducks behind his shield - how Jeshur provisions them well, knows the ways of the land, and can keep them safe from the Time of Destruction.

The Azarch hover at the back, just out of pistol range, apparently there to discourage desertion; as Havelock tries to get a decent shot in with his musket, he sees a dracoscion trying to make a break for it, who is quickly surrounded and dismembered by the Azarch warriors as an example to the others.

Isabella is just about to follow the troops over the pyramid of Merisusi when Progress and Ilario round the corner with their burdens. She immediately holsters her pistols and rushes to their aid; but she can't find her tools, and with six dying soldiers who have been bleeding for some time already, she can only save two.

Progress, Ilario and the Free Islanders head over the Merisusi arrangement and get inside, where Progress goes and unbars the palisade doors so that Smiths Anvil and Smiths Fist can finally enter the walls; the fighting is not going as well for the Flembic as they might have hoped, with many down on each side and no conclusive victor. The Merisusi barrel into the city and comprehensively turn the tide, destroying the rest of the forty colonial turncoats and even running down one of the Azarch, who break and run as soon as it is clear that they have lost.

Despite Isabella's best efforts, the death toll is awful. Fifteen out of twenty of the Field Marshall's own do not make it; one of the two survivors of the 2nd and 3rd Colonial Platoons perishes, along with half of the ten men of 1st Caldborn Regulars. And Smiths Anvil is no more - one of them trampled at the outset of the battle, one of them fatally wounded in his heedless pursuit of the Azarch forces; Svava gives them the gift of their last words to their comrades and conveys them to the Smith. And one of Millington's dracoscions turns out to have been bleeding for some time, as does Ilario, but the human can be saved and the dracoscion cannot.

Meanwhile, Arata Mitchi and Henry set out in a more southerly direction, towards last season's favourite targets, Florentina and Serpentera. Sure enough, a large force of Tenizidi is securing the area, led by a somewhat odd-looking ophidian - is that Chalcanthite, who was once a facet?

The Tenizidi are spread out over the whole area, and it is difficult to get a good count; they seem to be outnumbered, however. When Chalcanthite spots the Flembic forces, she gestures to the Tenizidi and approximately sixty of them fall in. Arata sets up his ballista - if these are ordinary newly-hatched myrmidons, they should only take one hit each to kill. The New Montforte and Sabauda Infantry line up in formal battle order, slightly offset from the ballista to give him plenty of room to fire but close enough to intercept anything that might take the emplacement by surprise; the lone Amusar of the Winter Guard and the New Montforte Golemics, Henry keeping a careful eye on the latter, station themselves around Arata.

Arata shoots a myrmidon, and they keep coming. Not quite newly hatched, then. Except... he has a suspicion. He shoots the same target again, as the myrmidons begin to charge, and tells Henry to watch it carefully as he reloads and continues firing. Sure enough, as Henry struggles to keep an eye on it, the thing does not leave a corpse - it discorporates.

As the lines meet and Henry reports this, Arata risks a brief pause in firing - as the Golemics move in and attempt to shield the ballista - to discern the nature of the foe. Reaching out with his magic, he calls upon the power of the Maelstrom - and they are not undead. Not quite wanting to know, but driven to find out anyway, he calls out again - and they glow softly. Eidolons. Every single one of the 'Tenizidi' that are attacking them, with their intricate, forehead-covering jewelled headdresses, is an eidolon.

Abandoning his ballista, Arata tries to get the troops to fall back, but they are thoroughly engaged and no longer listening for orders - especially from some jumped-up dracoscion, being good Flembic soldiers. Drawing his tachi and shield, he searches the battlefield for Chalcanthite, possibly the only enemy in the area who can truly bleed.

Henry gathers what troops he can, mostly those loyal to Caterina Flambardi and the New Montforte Golemics, and plunges in after Arata; when they get to him, he has engaged Chalcanthite, but is losing badly. The ex-facet is much better with a sword than Arata, and only his shield has saved him from a nasty bleeding wound. With the arrival of his reinforcements, Chalcanthite begins to retreat into her forces, and overextends slightly; an attempt to slice Henry at the extent of her reach sends her sword flying from her hand, and she re-evaluates the situation and flees desperately away as the eidolons close ranks behind her.

And soon the battle is over, here; it is a depressing sight, bleeding Flembic, broken statuary - seven of the New Montforte Golemics have been crushed into motionless rubble - and not a single enemy body to show for it. There is no way that he can staunch them all at once, but Arata insists that Henry leave him with the dying - to comfort them, perhaps, at least - and take the living to get surgeons from the Terino Marines.

Speaking of the Terino Marines, they have found their own battle. Tanner Hardin catches sight of a familiar carapace - it's one of the Azure Collective. The 'squeaky bugs' are hard to tell apart even as myrmidons go, but he thinks it's probably Goodnoose Badnoose, who has been accompanying a lot of the armies in this area. Given their association with necromancers and Fallen, Richard Willoughby is especially keen to hunt them down, and instructs the troops that the killing blow should be left for him if possible, as he can perform the rite of Judgement and sever the evil ties that may afflict their souls.

The small group of Azure Collective myrmidons - Tanner counts twenty-one of them - are hiding in an overgrown field between New Terino and Bellamorto Estates, apparently trying to get to Serpentera without attracting the attention of the patrollers from the Asilio. Lysette directs her troops to completely encircle the area, sending Blanche Godfrey off with the wemics, Markus Richmond with the avians, Arthur Jenkins with the mokosh, James Higham with the Freibodeners, Willoughby Harker with the human Free Islanders, William Cooper with the 3rd Terino Blues, and Richard Willoughby with the 2nd (who have a few muskets between them), keeping the Kamakuran humans for herself.

The engagement is going very well indeed until fifty additional Azure Collective myrmidons join the fray, running straight for Lysette Cooper. The Kamakuran humans of Expeditionary Force, Company G try desperately to hold them off, but are swiftly overwhelmed. Lysette finds herself surrounded and fights desperately; she drops myrmidon after myrmidon with exceptionally well-placed, carapace-piercing blows, but she is tiring quickly when she sees the first of Blanche's assigned Free Islands wemics fighting their way towards her position.

There is a suspicious lack of corpses around her feet as Blanche Godfrey and the Expeditionary Force, Company A - and Willoughby Harker and the Expeditionary Force, Company F - reach her from opposite sides. As the fighting dies down, Blanche checks her over; she is heavily bruised and her armour is totally destroyed, but she is still standing and her wounds are not life-threatening. As Richard Willoughby comes running over to judge the myrmidons, Willoughby Harker acts on his suspicions - he calls on the power of the Maelstrom and the last few 'myrmidons' in the initial attack glow softly. "Eidolons," he reports. Lysette waves Richard away, and he returns to the main battle with the real myrmidon forces.

Then Tanner warns of someone else running into the area - on brief inspection, it turns out to be Henry, with some of the New Montforte Infantry. Apparently they have met some more of the eidolons posing as Tenizidi, and have a lot of wounded but no surgeons. Blanche and Lysette are busy with the downed Kamakurans and Free Islanders here, but Markus Richmond and Arthur Jenkins agree to head back with Henry and see what they can do.

Richard Willoughby proudly reports that every one of the twenty-one Azure Collective myrmidons originally sighted has been properly accounted for, although Goodnoose Badnoose himself seems to have escaped in the confusion. The myrmidons fought hard, however; twelve of the 2nd and six of the 3rd Terino Blues are beyond help, along with one of the mokosh of Company C and one of the Freibodeners in Company D. And the eidolons have claimed five of the wemics of Company A, five of the Free Islanders of Company F, and fully twenty-one of the Company G Kamakurans, most of them ripped to shreds during the initial charge.

As Markus and Arthur approach Serpentera with Henry, a terrible scene is laid out before them. Arata has arranged the wounded Flembic neatly, making them comfortable, but what they take at first as a desperate attempt to staunch one resolves gradually, as they get closer, into a grisly spectacle - Arata is drinking the blood of the injured Flembic soldier...

Markus raises his musket, as he realises what is happening, and shoots the errant dracoscion, but Arata's armour is still sufficiently intact to save him; he springs to his feet and flees guiltily from the area.

The surgeons do what they can, but two of the 2nd and seven of the 8th New Montforte, and three each of the 1st and 2nd Sabauda, die from their wounds. They do, however, manage to save Arata's victim - it appears that the unusual procedure was, in fact, acting to staunch the wounds of the gentleman in question...

Finally, back at the Asilio, Lord Drane Haversham and Charlotte Farnsworth's vigil does not pass entirely without incident. They are up in the watchtower, monitoring the progress of the various forces, when Charlotte spots an unengaged force - a handful of Tenizidi, armed with muskets, who have been left in charge of the monstrous laughing centipedes, the great battering-ram-headed beetle, the giant iridescent spiders and the flocks of slaughter birds.

The Tenizidi appear to be monitoring the disposition of the troops, also, and counting, carefully; they appear to be receiving reports from particularly large specimens of the slaughter birds - no, wait, those are eidolons, Charlotte sees the silvery tracery of a soul symbol on the brow of one messenger bird. Once the Marines are well out of their view and have engaged the Azure Collective, they set their centipedes to burrowing and follow along their path - in the direction of the Asilio itself.

Charlotte and Haversham argue over who should take the troops out to infiltrate the tunnels, and who should stay and defend the Asilio; Charlotte contests that they will need her skills to skirt around the incoming Tenizidi forces, whereas Haversham declares her presence in the watchtower and her oversight of the entire force's tactics to be of paramount importance. Both of them understand that there is no point attempting to defend the walls against musketeers and slaughter birds, so they open the doors wide and inviting; Charlotte considers calling back Arata and his ballista, but it looks like he is currently engaged in mowing down a field of recently hatched Tenizidi with it.

Eventually, Charlotte Farnsworth leads the 4th Alexandrian Medium Infantry, the Asilio Scouts and the Headquarters section, Colonial Scouts quietly out of the opposite side of the Asilio walls; meanwhile Lord Drane Haversham arranges the Asilio Guards, the Asilio Houseguard and the Second Division Standard Bearers throughout the Asilio in a series of hidden ambushes and killing fields, and stands himself in the open gateway to entice the Tenizidi in.

The Tenizidi, alas, are not buying into this trap. They take a few shots at Haversham, but refuse to follow him when he ducks behind the open gate doors, and wait patiently for the centipedes to finish their work.

Meanwhile, Charlotte feels the vibrations of the centipedes; there will not be enough time to reach their entry holes before they reach the Asilio palisade. She closes her eyes, and uses her finely tuned senses to determine where each of the centipedes is headed; then she instructs the troops to get out their shovels and dig.

The centipedes have strong digging mandibles, but they are not built for fighting from the front or the sides, especially not when disturbed whilst underground. The Asilio Scouts dig straight into the side of their centipede, and hack through its carapace with their axes, neatly bisecting it; the 4th Alexandrian Medium Infantry have the thing plunge into the side of their pit, but recover quickly and slice off a mandible with their flashing swords, causing the wounded creature to flee backwards into the darkness.

The Headquarters section, Colonial scouts drop down into a tunnel and Charlotte Farnsworth heads down into it with them. Running to catch up with the creature, Charlotte thinks about how to defeat the hideous, poisonous stinger on its tail - and then she bumps the edge of her coracle against the tunnel edge and remembers that she always carries the thing over her back. It's not built as a shield, but it should be big enough to hook over the poisonous barb. Leading the charge, she holds out the coracle in front of her and the centipede blindly lashes out, piercing it with the great rear stinger and shooting its poisonous load into empty space, as she dodges to the side.

The fight has gone out of the creature, and the Colonial scouts easily put it out of its misery permanently with their axes.

It appears the Tenizidi are also tracking the vibrations of the burrowing centipedes; one listens intently, bends down to put its clawed hands in contact with the earth for a moment, then signals to the rest of the squadron. Slaughter birds briefly overfly the Asilio, looking for easy pickings, but the Tenizidi and their spiders and their beetle are retreating and the birds swiftly follow.

Gradually returning and regrouping, the Flembic forces compare their stories, mourn their dead, and Charlotte, Havelock and Tanner keep watch from the tower for the next threat to this final bastion of Flembic civilisation.

Local Report:

The Flembic forces gather at the Asilio Bussola, as Captain Millington's Merisusi forces return from the burning capital and report the loss of New Terino (Gubernatorial Estates).

Lady Isabella De Lefevre immediately marches the remains of Millington's men, the Governor's own troops, and a few belonging to Lance Caldborn off to investigate, accompanied by the angels Progress and Svava, but they come across Thaddeus Wolfe and Jeshur's turncoat colonial troops burning down Bellamorto Estates. Thanks to Ilario cutting off the turncoats' retreat and Havelock Fredrickson shooting the enemy sorcerer, they bring righteous vengeance down upon every turncoat in those walls - although Thaddeus himself and a handful of Azarch manage to get away.

Arata Michi and Henry of the Ordo Dictum Dominus take the New Montforte and Sabauda infantry down to Serpentera where the Tenizidi are attempting to stake a claim, led by an mysterious ophidian who may once have been a facet; Arata makes short work of the myrmidons with his ballista, but there are many losses in the meantime, so Henry heads off to fetch more help with the wounded.

And the Terino Marines root out an infestation of Azure Collective myrmidons, led by Goodnoose Badnoose. With their exceptional skill and the support of Lysette Cooper's Expeditionary Forces they utterly destroy them; Richard Willoughby performs the rite of Judgement on the evil bugs to ensure their souls cannot nourish their Fallen allies or rise again to trouble the good people of Flambard.

The Tenizidi are not quite done yet, and attempt to invade the Asilio itself with their deadly giant centipedes; but Charlotte Farnsworth fearlessly leads some scouts out to dig down around the walls and interrupt the progress of the hideous beasts, while Lord Drane Haversham personally holds off ten Tenizidi musketeers and two flocks of slaughter birds at the Asilio walls.

Gradually returning and regrouping, the Flembic forces compare their stories, mourn their dead, and continue to keep watch from the tower for the next threat to this final bastion of Flembic civilisation.

Colony Report:

The Flembic forces gather at the Asilio Bussola - too late to save the Gubernatorial Estates, but it is never too late for vengeance.

Lady Isabella De Lefevre and her household soundly defeat Jeshur's rag-tag army of turncoat soldiers as they attempt to burn the Bellamorto Estates; the golden dracoscion Arata Michi mows down endless myrmidons with a ballista; the Terino Marines eradicate all traces of Goodnoose Badnoose's Azure Expeditionary Force; Charlotte Farnsworth and Lord Drane Haversham valiantly defend the Asilio itself from hordes of monstrous native creatures that beset its walls.

Flambard might burn - but Lord Drane Haversham will ensure that all her enemies die with her.