Attackers Report:

Bellamorto Estate is quiet. Too quiet.

Thaddeus Wolfe spots the Flembic troublemaker Alexander De Venin lurking in the eaves, but by the time you start searching the area in earnest, he has gone.

Defenders Report:

There are too many of them.

The other defenders of Flambard appear not to have shown up. Only the enemy are at the gates of the Bellamorto Estate; Commandant Putok, Archivist Matcoltic, and their Tenizidi warriors; Jeshur of the Auction House himself, with Coatl of his hive, Thaddeus Wolfe, and their turncoat colonial warriors; the red-scaled ophidians of the Horde of He-Who-Shall-Devour-The-Sun; and their attendant monsters, the laughing centipedes, the slaughter birds, the rainbow wolf spiders...

There are too many of them.

The civilians have already left. All there is here to defend are buildings. And you will not save them by throwing your life away.

So you leave.

There are avenging eidolons of the Hunapha hunting in the overgrown plains; you dispatch one, watch it fade from the world.

The colony of New Terino has finally met its end.

Local Report:

Alexander De Verin is the last loyal Flembic subject to leave Bellamorto Estate. Without any other defenders to help him, there is no way that he can stand against the wave of natives that is breaking across the entire Flembic colony.

Colony Report:

Alexander De Verin is cornered in the streets of Bellamorto Estate!

He puts up a valiant fight, a last stand befitting such an accomplished Flembic - but the overwhelming numbers of the native monstrosities finally bring him down, and he will fight no more.