Attackers Report:

Your massive fishing fleet is interrupted by the sighting of... a dhow.

A lone dhow, flying a flag with what looks like a black myrmidon face on it, crewed by a couple of _incredibly_ drunk lowlifes - and these are truly the lowlife's lowlives - and on a collision course for your largest warship.

It is obviously a trap, and everyone gets ready for the other shoe to drop. April Showers Moist checks her pistols, Jacques D'arcourt watches through his telescope, Captain Millington takes up position at the repeating ballista installed on The Dominion, and the troops line up and load their muskets, the drowned sailors silently distribute themselves around the fleet...

...and your kraken, the Ketos, swallows the dhow in one bite, leaving an entirely calm ocean.

Jacques ventures a little more information - the dhow had 'The Annoying Peacock' scrawled jaggedly across one side, and 'Lurking Fear' across the other, apparently - but there is no sign of any other threat, and gradually everyone stands down.

Defenders Report:

Your dhow does not return from its attempt to pirate in Flembic waters, but you do hear rumours of some extremely confused Freeporters attempting desperately to work out why a lone dhow attempted to ram their fleet of warships.

Colony Report:

Even the destruction of almost everything in the Colony of New Terino can't keep sailors from gossiping. This season, it appears the major story centres around a mysterious dhow.

There are many variations, including a further chapter in the tale of Ingvar and the Battle-Dhow, but they all agree that a dhow - usually named something to do with peacocks or fear - attempted to ram an entire warfleet, probably full of Freeporters taking advantage of the fishing while the waters were undefended...