Attackers Report:

I must say, some of these soft-skinned Flembic can rather put up a fight!

There were only ten of them when we showed up in Blackwood Pass, so we expected it to be an easy task to wipe them out before securing the area. But they run like hunting cats and hide like quicklings, and their pistols rain death from afar.

Eventually we managed to corner nine of them, always losing a few more to each flashing blade - every blow a deadly strike, right through the carapace! - and rend them apart, but one still managed to evade us.

And that was how we lost thirty-six of the Raid Hive Reapers and nine of the Queens Guard.

My queen, I am truly sorry. I will not let the others underestimate these soft-skins again.

Defenders Report:

I wish I hadn't been forced to retreat, but at least now you'll know: now you'll know how the others died.

There were seventy myrmidon warriors in the force that descended on Blackwood Pass. Seventy. Fifty of them looked newly hatched, all eager like hunting dog puppies, but wicked enough claws if you let them get close. The other twenty looked older, wiser maybe; they had shields, and axes, not relying on their claws and teeth like the others.

And we made them fight for every scrap of Blackwood Pass. There ain't many trees left, but those there were, we used; we ran and we hid and we shot them whenever we could get away safe after, because there was only ten of us and there were seventy of them, but the others, they never once thought of leaving the place to them, they were determined to kill them all, make them pay for what their kind have done.

I reckon we got nearly fifty of them, all told. One by one, we got ourselves cornered; but every last one of the men fought like bastards, and once you pierce that tough shell on 'em and make 'em bleed they're not so hard to take down, those myrmidon critters.

But finally, I reckoned I was the last one, and someone had to get out and tell of what the Chevalier's Men had done here.

Now I've finished this letter, I'm heading back in. Maybe I can get me another couple before I'm dead.

Local Report:

Seventy myrmidon warriors descend on Blackwood Pass. The area is defended by ten Flembic soldiers; no-one would have blamed them for running away.

And they did run away; as far as the local copses, from which they played a deadly game of hide and seek, picking off the bugs one by one with perfectly aimed pistol shots.

One by one, the Chevalier's Men are cornered and defeated, but they give a lot better than they get; fully fifty of the myrmidons do not make it out of Blackwood Pass alive.

Colony Report:

From the periphery comes an exemplary tale of Flembic courage; the Chevalier's Men stand to defend their employer's lands, out at Blackwood Pass, and though they are outnumbered twenty to one by myrmidon warriors, each one of them kills ten of the vicious, clawed monsters before they die exemplary and glorious deaths!