Attackers Report:

The SNWT Pistoleers are swallowed up by the mist that surrounds the great Cathedral of Thisbe's Blessing, expecting that the five Weaverites in their ranks can get them through the shroud of confusion.

Some time later, one of SNWT Pistoleers 2 and two of SNWT Pistoleers 3 flee determinedly out of the mist. They babble incoherently about a priest in yellow; eventually you piece together that some kind of priest of the Weaver approached them empty-handed and they fled in terror before he could reach them, in case he was going to successfully convert them.

It turns out the Pistoleers who have escaped have been devoted to the Jaguar for some time now. All of their fellow soldiers - who they believe to be Smithites, Weaverites or undevoted - appear to have been captured by those within the mists.


Defenders Report:

In the distance, they could be mistaken for another group of supplicants, come to worship at the cathedral; but it is clear from the determination in their step and the close formation they are keeping that this small group of sixteen soldiers is here for something more.

Muskets are raised; longbows are aimed...

Parnassus shakes his head. He's looking at the sixteen pistoleers, in their Sacuza New World Trading uniforms. They huddle together for safety; they are lost, they are scared; five of them are leading the way and the others have their eyes tightly shut.

He waves distractedly at the troops; Gebrinius stands them down. Ishtar looks like she thinks he's gone nuts, as he holds his great clavate in one hand and outstretches the other to walk forwards and approach them; as he waves Shabaab, the Tritoni with the flamethrower who is attempting to guard him, back.

Calmly, un-threateningly, Parnassus walks out through the mists towards the pistoleers.

"What are you doing here?" he asks, kindly.

The five in front take one look at him and immediately drop to their knees. They begin to beg for his forgiveness. They were ordered here by the Havocstani Zan Li, the golem, they say, but now they have seen the effect of Thisbe's Blessing for themselves they could not even think about destroying the cathedral, as they were sent to do. Now they simply want to join him, and stand in its defence.

Those directly behind them waver for a moment, opening their eyes; eight at the back of the formation stare wildly at him, their eyes wide with terror and a terrible inner battle written across their faces. Three of them come to some decision and flee blindly into the mists, screaming. The others - the ranks in front of them gradually also drop to their knees, and a moment later, they follow suit.

He speaks to each one that is left, gently, and Cethlenn moves quietly up behind him; she places a hand on his shoulder and he becomes aware that he can initiate these people, if they are willing, simply by touching them - they do not have to give their Names, not in this place, not to him, only directly to the Builder in the privacy of their own first prayer.

As he explains this, the five at the front admit that they are already devoted to the Weaver, but would be honoured to be rededicated to the Builder by him; of the others, two insist that their devotion to the Smith is not something they wish to lay aside, but the rest all accept this gift.

Some of the soldiery are a little suspicious when Parnassus leads the enemy pistoleers back to join them, but his inspired words put their fears to rest, and the SNWT Pistoleers join the forces waiting in the cathedral's defence.


Local Report:

Sixteen of the SNWT Pistoleers that happen to be in the area head determinedly towards Thisbe's Blessing with the firm intention of burning it to the ground, under the orders of the golem Zan Li, who is not present herself. There are five Weaverites amongst their ranks who successfully lead them through the mist, but they are uncertain and demoralised by the time they meet the Brigadoom Defence Force.

Instead of shooting them dead, however, Parnassus Rakses takes the lead in standing the troops down and approaching the would-be attackers peacefully. His approach seems to pay off. Some of the pistoleers immediately flee into the mists at the sight of him, and are guided swiftly out of the area; the others kneel before him.

As Gebrinius keeps back the troops, and Ishtar and Shabaab look on nervously, Cethlenn conveys a blessing on the Imam; he initiates most of the Pistoleers to the Builder on the spot, and all of those which did not flee join the forces defending the theurgic cathedral.


Colony Report:

The SNWT Pistoleers who are in the vicinity of Thisbe's Blessing at Brigadoom march into the mists. Some time later, three of them flee back out of the mists in abject terror. The other thirteen do not return.