(Some characters, some random humanoids.)


Carella - holographic representation of the character Carella, who is actually just a normal human female.
Dilapidated Faery
Mantle - representation of Carella's boyfriend.
Rrssska - one of the original Ksria, from a story unlikely ever to get finished.
Rsska - Rrssska's younger sister.
Toadstool Fairy - a rather modern looking little fairy girl.
Uniformed Yasmin - a character that I played in a Star Trek RPG, years ago.
Green Dress Yasmin - a character I played in a Pern RPG, not quite so long ago.
Yatima - a very recently left behind character from a Pern RPG.
Jarrin - a character from the same place as Green Dress Yasmin - in fact, this was her boyfriend.
Jarrin, side view - the legs are bent oddly because this was originally meant to be placed over another pic to show him riding.
Shari - this little girl was my character all over the place for a while (also Sharryn, Sharran).